How would you rate the work/life balance at your firm?

FirmScore (/100)
Brabners LLP 96.7
Thrings LLP 94.9
Mills & Reeve 93.9
Blake Morgan LLP 92.9
Bevan Brittan LLP 92.8
Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP 92.6
BLM 91.8
Bircham Dyson Bell 91.6
Birketts LLP 90.6
Wilsons Solicitors LLP 90.4
Bristows LLP 90.4
Forsters LLP 90.3
Leigh Day 89.8
Stephens Scown LLP 89.8
Crown Prosecution Service 89.6
Woodfines LLP 89.3
BTMK Solicitors 88.8
Shakespeare Martineau LLP 88.8
Boodle Hatfield LLP 88.7
Prettys Solicitors LLP 88.4

Long working hours are far from unheard of in commercial law. With demanding clients and tight deadlines, trainees are often enlisted to help get the work get done. Sometimes parties have to be missed and dinner plans rescheduled as the team battles to complete work. But some firms are good at ensuring that working late or on weekends is a rarity rather than a regular occurrence; after all, a happy (read: not overworked) employee is a more productive employee! This outlook is recognised at Brabners where ‘work/life balance is highly valued’. Mills & Reeve successfully carries out ‘City-quality work without compromising work/life balance or the welfare of its employees’. At BLM there’s ‘no expectation to stay late every evening’ and likewise at Bircham Dyson Bell ‘the hours are much better than those at Magic Circle, corporate firms’. Trainees at Wilsons work ‘good hours’ and thus enjoy a ‘healthy work/life balance’. The supervisors at Bevan Brittan ‘encourage trainees to leave at a reasonable time if there’s nothing urgent on’. With Birketts’ ‘supportive working environment’ trainees experience ‘less stress’ and get time to enjoy life outside of the office. So you see, it’s possible to work a high-pressure job and still make it to tennis practice, your friend’s engagement party or simply home before cockerel crows – thank goodness.