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In the latest instalment of our Alternative Careers in Law series, The Lex 100 speaks to Ben Julius, senior consultant at Eximius Law, a London-based legal recruitment specialist. Here, Ben explains why a legal background can stand you in good stead for a career in recruitment.  

Thursday, 16 November 2017 10:53

Junior Barristers: Shaping the Future of the Bar

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Whilst touring law fairs this season, The Lex 100 team noted that many students expressed an interest in becoming barristers rather than solicitors or were keeping an open mind as to the two different legal career paths.

In September this year, our sister publication The Legal 500 conducted a roundtable discussion with a group of junior barristers (six years' call and under) on what it takes to survive current market conditions, what makes a modern-day barrister and what the future holds for the profession. 

Monday, 13 November 2017 15:38

Making the law fair count in applications

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You’ve survived #lawfairwarfare – what next?

Whatever you took away from the law fair, be it a full deck of business cards, a positive impression of a firm or a headache following a blow-by-blow analysis of a mega merger that you didn’t ask for; use this experience to inform your approach to applications.

Feedback from law fair attendees (employer and student), as well as my own insights as a former trainee, form the basis for the following typical law fair experiences and how best to react to them now the fair’s over:

Pro bono, from the Latin ‘pro bono publico’ meaning ‘for the public good’, may not be something which is automatically associated with big law firms. Except Dechert, that is. The US firm has won several awards for its pro bono work, both in the UK and across the pond, and was recently ranked #1 for international pro bono and #7 for US domestic pro bono by The American Lawyer. The Lex 100 speaks to Dechert about the key to making pro bono a success.

Monday, 06 November 2017 11:10

Future Law

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The legal industry is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. How will the profession look when you qualify, and more importantly, which practice areas will be in demand? Kate Durcan asks leading recruiters for their predictions.