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Ask a group of law students what kind of lawyer they want to become and the chances are most will say something along the lines of corporate. But in doing so, they are ignoring a plethora of people-focused practice areas offering an equally enriching career path. Enter the Irwin Mitchell personal legal services training contract.

Thursday, 03 January 2019 11:09

Clifford Chance IGNITE: a law tech training contract

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First came a Tech Academy, an online portal through which employees can access support, guidance and development tools that focus on technology. Then a partnership with Lexoo, a law tech company, was launched for future trainees with an interest in, and aptitude for, technology. Now, those with a dual interest in law and technology have hit the jackpot with Clifford Chance’s (CC) law tech training contract, IGNITE.

The Lex 100’s Halima Dikko explores why STEM graduates are so sought after in an industry which has traditionally been dominated by arts and humanities.

Once upon a time, the majority of the legal workforce was made up of upper-middle class, Oxbridge-educated white males. Women: hardly seen. Working-class individuals: forget it. Ethnic minorities: a scarce group. But things have been changing for the better and the legal industry is thankfully more diverse than ever.

Video interviews are becoming commonplace in various industries as technology continues to infiltrate many aspects of modern day life. Recruiters in the legal industry were early adopters of the practice, and at present a significant number of law firms have a digital aspect to their vacation scheme/training contract application process.