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Allen & Overy LLP

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If the firm were a fictional character it would be...

Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) – cool exterior but gets things done and ultimately a lovely personality

The verdict

The verdict

Allen & Overy is the ‘friendliest’ and ‘most approachable’ of the Magic Circle firms according to its trainees. Many applied to the firm following great vacation scheme experiences: ‘associates and partners were willing to speak to me when I had questions’ explained one trainee. The firm’s ‘global footprint’, ‘leading clients’, ‘reputation in the market’, ‘expertise in banking’ and ‘international secondment opportunities’ (which earned the firm a Lex 100 Winner medal) were also among the reasons graduates flocked to the firm. New recruits commented positively on the quality of training, believing it to be ‘comprehensive’ and ‘well timed’. Perks of training at A&O include working in a ‘great office’ with a swanky ‘roof bar’ and ‘superb’ canteen (the eggs benedict are supposedly ‘10/10’!), but aside from that, trainees loved the ‘collegiate working atmosphere’. What newbies found difficult though were the ‘long’, ‘unpredictable hours’ which can be ‘crippling’. However, ‘this is only true for certain weeks and times’. Being entrusted with responsibility was also relished by trainees, with many of their favourite moments coming from instances in which they ‘took ownership’, ‘ran’ and ‘led’ matters on their own or with minimal supervision: ‘negotiating non-disclosure agreements with 70 banks was an achievement both intellectually and organisationally’. As for CSR and pro bono, there’s a ‘fantastic range of opportunities’ including work with the Human Rights Interest Group, however, some claim it can be ‘difficult to make time to get involved with them’. If you’re not afraid of hard graft and want to collaborate with ‘intelligent’ people who ‘work brilliantly together’ on ‘precedent-setting deals’, consider applying to Allen & Overy.